Have you found the Muslim Ban as maddening, tragic, and absurd as we have? Well, the Asian American Writers’ Workshop is calling for submissions of creative writing that imagine new narratives, concepts, and futures in response to the Muslim Ban. As you may have seen, the Supreme Court’s reinstatement of the Ban restricted nationals of six predominantly Muslim countries and refugees–unless they can prove they’ve got a “bona fide relationship” with the United States. At AAWW, we want to ask what’s a bona fide relationship, anyway?

We’re calling writers to send stories, poems, essays, and interviews that answer this question and engage with the Muslim Ban while also offering creative openings from which to imagine new narratives. What does it mean to have a bona fide relationship to a country? Or to have your bona fide relationship to your family defined by the state? What bona fide relationships do you want to have? While we’re interested in your TSA nightmares, we’re looking for stories that aren’t just reactive but create new counter-narratives. We’re not looking for rants or op-eds, but pieces that may indirectly speak to themes of belonging (or exclusion), identity, and marginalization through this vehicle of examining the Supreme Court’s language. Get as creative as you like–we’re open to work that resides across/between genres, including speculative fiction, journalism, visual art, comics, and stand-up. Priority will be given to writers from Muslim communities and refugee populations, but we welcome submissions from all.

Time is of the essence here. No word minimum or limit. Work will be considered for publication in the BONA FIDE RELATIONSHIPS portfolio on AAWW’s online magazine, The Margins.

Beyond the scope of the travel ban/Supreme Court, we are looking to publish stories, essays, poetry, interviews, and interdisciplinary work by writers from Muslim, Middle Eastern and South Asian communities. Whether you’re an established or emerging voice, please submit your work!

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