Ends on February 18, 2019

TRANS:ACT is an action-based writing prompt to explore and subvert the languages of exchange and value. Here are the simple rules:

1. Go to your local market and listen/ record/ take notes on what is said (and unsaid).

2. Make a piece of writing inspired by this language.

3. In your writing, be sure to include one item you purchase from the market and the price you pay for it.

Because this folio of the Transpacific Literary Project will be thinking about the relationship of market transaction and language, we welcome submissions in all regional languages (as well as English). And to encourage critical play with such marketplace language, we welcome attempts at self-translation using any available means, with notes to supplement when equivalency is not possible.

Submit your piece by *Februray 18* (extended deadline). As a cover letter, you will be asked to briefly introduce yourself and your marketplace.


The Transpacific Literary Project is an ambitious online editorial initiative of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop (AAWW) that is poised to foster literary connections between East and Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, the Asian diaspora, and a broader American reading public. The project has taken the shape of a series of portfolios published on AAWW’s online magazine The Margins. These portfolios comprise poetry and prose written by East and Southeast Asian writers, with an emphasis on works in translation, curated around broad themes, and seek to traverse geographic and other boundaries.

All contributors, writers and translators, will be paid. 

If your submission is a translation, please include the work in its original language as well as a biographical note about the author in your cover letter. AAWW will hold exclusive print and online rights to your piece for 90 days, and your piece will be archived online. All other rights remain with the writer and translator. 

Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but we ask that you withdraw the piece promptly if it is accepted somewhere else. If you need more information, please get in touch with editor Kaitlin Rees at krees@aaww.org.

*One of the aims of The Transpacific Literary Project will be to interrogate the idea of the Transpacific, and where exactly the region might lie. As such, the following list of countries should be regarded as indicative and non-exclusive; broadly, East and South-east Asia consists of: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, China, East Timor, Guam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, North Korea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and their diasporas.