In 2012, the Asian American Writers' Workshop launched a set of online magazines in order to build conversations around cutting-edge ideas in Asian American literature, art, and social justice. Though the aims of our publications are distinct, both of them are committed to the reinvention and advancement of Asian American intellectual culture.

  • The Margins is our award-winning magazine of arts and ideas dedicated to charting the rise of the Asian American creative class through essays, interviews, and creative writing.

We publish: 1) original creative writing, whether poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, or even interdisciplinary work; 2) essays on literature and politics by sophisticated thinkers who can speak to a general audience about race, gender, sexuality, immigration, postcolonialism, pop culture, and diaspora; 3) reportage about immigrant communities in NYC by narrative storytellers who can set a scene with rich imagery and descriptive detail. 

Our stories have been linked to by the Wall Street Journal, the New Inquiry and the New York Times. Our contributors have included Jessica Hagedorn, Hanya Yanagihara, Chang-rae Lee, Bhanu Kapil, Ashok Kondabolu, Jenny Zhang, Katie Kitamura, Hua Hsu, Kim Hyesoon, Alexander Chee, Vijay Iyer, and Yoko Ogawa. See below for ways you can submit your work!

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Every Tuesday, The Margins publishes the work of emerging and established Asian American and diasporic poets. We publish English-language poems and translations of poems. 

We pay contributors $50 to $90 (USD) for original and translated poetry; the fee varies based on the number and length of poems we publish. We may offer additional payment to the author of translated poems, depending on the work’s publication status. We do not pay for reprints.

Please allow four to six months for a response.

We are open to all styles, forms, and subjects. We’re drawn to poetry that:

  • Transforms the mundane into the magical with unexpected imagery
  • Reflects on personal and/or cultural history
  • Responds to or reshapes the view on current events and issues
  • Introduces or reimagines historical and literary figures
  • Illuminates through translation the work of an Asian author who is not known or read (widely) by a general Anglophone audience
  • Challenges, subverts, or expands formal, linguistic, and genre conventions
  • Explores humorous, abject, or profane languages and/or themes


  • Submissions should be no longer than 6 pages total. Each poem must start on a new page. Though we do consider longer poems, we tend to select poems no longer than 3 pages.
  • If you are submitting translations, please acquire translation and publication permission from the author and/or press prior to submission.
  • Please use a standard serif (e.g., Garamond, Times New Roman) or sans-serif font (e.g. Arial, Calibri) in font size no smaller than 11, unless there is a specific formal and visual reason to do otherwise.
  • We allow simultaneous submissions. If a part of your submitted manuscript has been accepted elsewhere, please send a message with the unavailable title(s) on Submittable. If your entire manuscript becomes unavailable, please withdraw the submission.
  • Most of our submissions are individual works. However, collaborative work will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • We do not require any preliminary information in the cover letter, though you are welcome to include pertinent or necessary details about yourself or the submission. We will collect your updated bio upon acceptance. (Nice notes and hellos do not affect the decision, but we do appreciate them!)
  • We accept previously published poems, as long as they have not appeared digitally in other venues. Please note any previously published works in your submission.
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